Finance Applications

Before you even consider an application for finance you should consider drawing up a budget. This will help you work out whether your dream can become your reality!

Typically a budget will be a planned assessment of your income and expenses. It will uncover which items are fixed and which items are intermittent or flexible.

A finance application typically conveys the lender with financial information about you. This is your opportunity to convey to the lender that you have the ability to carry the loan. The lender will be assessing your ability to meet the repayments. The cost of finance will depend upon their perceived risk if in the worst case scenario that you default on the loan.

Services we provide include…

  • Personal and business budgeting
  • Lease or buy assessments
  • Assessment of finance options
  • Assistance with loan applications
  • Assistance with submission of business plans
  • Liaison with lender or broker